Where we work

Since 2000 Small Kindness has worked tirelessly in countries around the world to alleviate poverty, suffering, hunger, and illiteracy.

We have developed specialised project delivery programs in the Balkans, a region that has seen much destruction, suffering and poverty during and after recent conflicts. Paying no heed to colour, race or creed, Small Kindness provides aid in a compassionate and dignified manner based solely on the needs of the beneficiaries.



Making up a relatively small populous and based mostly in rural areas, the residents of Kosovo number just under 2 million. Its poverty levels are staggering – some 30% live below the poverty line with 17% being extremely poor. The country’s unemployment rate is around 35%, although in some areas it is estimated to be as high as 60%.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

The legacy of the Balkan conflict that befell the country remains to this day. That legacy has been left to the children who are growing up in a country where poverty ad unemployment continues to be a daily reality. Unemployment rates in parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina are as high as 40%, putting it in the top ten countries with the highest rates of unemployment. Unemployment among young men stands at 57%, and among young women at 65%. According to UNICEF, upwards of 20% of the population live in absolute poverty. UNICEF also estimates that some 170,000 children in Bosnia and Herzegovina are poor. In order to cope with the ever-increasing cost of living, many households have little choice but to resort to reducing their normal expenditure on food and essentials.



Serbia’s unemployment rates and lack of jobs are regarded as two of its main challenges. The country’s economy went into recession in 2009 and again in 2012. Almost a quarter of the labour force is unemployed. Youth unemployment for those aged between 15-24 years stands at 51%.


2014 was the 10th Anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami during which 170,000 people died in Indonesia alone, more than all of the other affected regions combined. Over 37,000 people went missing and half a million were displaced. Small Kindness is based in Banda Aceh, the region that was hardest hit. 44% of people in the area lost their means of livelihood. Today there are still over 116,000 orphaned children in Aceh and some 2 million children in Indonesia under five who are malnourished.