0 families fed in 2015

Mrs Fatimah – Indonesia

I have eight children and two have been supported by Small Kindness. We are very thankful for the Qurbani we have received from Small Kindness, this will go a long way with so many mouths to feed. Thank you to the very generous donors and Eid Mubarak.


Fatime Ajrizaj – Kosovo

I thank you Small Kindness for taking care of my orphan grandchildren, for making them happy on Eid day. To take care of orphans who lost both their parents is indeed a difficult job, but when people like you give us a helping hand, it makes me feel good. I thank the donor and all the staff of Small Kindness. Eid Mubarak.


Mrs Muzainah – Indonesia

I have 4 children and I work as a cleaner. We are very thankful for the Qurbani given by Small Kindness. As we can’t ever afford to eat meat this is a blessing, now we all can have meat on Eid. Thank you from my heart.


Mrs Edina Kuldija – Bosnia

I am writing this letter to thank you for making our Eid special. Thank you for the Qurbani meat that you sent us, we appreciate all of your kindness if it wasn’t for you, my daughter and I would not eat any meat for Eid. The meat we received was enough to feed us for a few days. We are grateful for the financial aid we receive from Small Kindness, because it allows us to have better living conditions and support for my child’s education.

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