Melisa Karišik’s Story

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Melisa Karišik is 16 years old lives with mother and sister in Sarajevo.

Her father died when she was 5 years old from a heart attack. Her sister Amina finished secondary school and in October will continue her education on university. Melisa’s mother sometimes cleans houses, but regular work is very hard to find. They live in a house bought when their father was alive which is not finished so they all live in one room.

What ever money her mother makes must go towards repaying the loan her father took out when they first acquired the house, essentials and food come second in the Karlšik family. Melisa is a keen volleyball player and mathematician hoping to be an Economist when she is older. The support we provide goes towards her school supplies, transportation, and her essential needs.

Small Kindness Facts

Orphans assisted since 2000

Families receive regular support

We have a 100% Donation Policy

Support type: Financial
Number supported:
Residence: Bosnia

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