Mehmed’s Story

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Mehmed Husovic has been with Small Kindness since 2012 and he lives with his mother and two younger sisters in Serbia.

In 2010 when Mehmed was just three years old, his father died of a heart attack. A week later his grandfather passed away, and shortly after that so did his grandmother. Despite her great losses, Mehmed’s mother remains strong and works hard to support her three small children.

Mehmed is a bright second grade primary school pupil and attends our educational program on a regular basis. His mother says that Small Kindness contributed to at least 40% of his education, in particular, towards essential subjects such as English and mathematics. She has very limited time to teach her son due to work and household chores.

Small Kindness Facts

Orphans assisted since 2000

Families receive regular support

We have a 100% Donation Policy

Support type: Financial
Number supported:
Residence: Serbia

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