By helping the young we ensure that the future is bright for both families and the wider community

About Small Kindness

In 2000, Yusuf Islam founded Small Kindness in response to the humanitarian disaster he witnessed unfolding in the Balkans. He wanted to see a change for the better, and be part of it.

Since then Small Kindness has provided humanitarian aid worldwide and in particular has played a vital role in giving aid to orphans, families, widows, the elderly, and students in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, other Balkans countries, and in Indonesia following the devastating 2004 tsunami. Small Kindness has also participated in home building and medical aid projects in Pakistan and more recently initiated new projects in Turkey, the Philippines and Chile, including providing humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees in Turkey and Greece.

We are not among the largest humanitarian relief organisations in the world. In fact, we are not large at all.  But that’s not an excuse, it’s by design. Being small affords us the opportunity to get to know the people we are helping on a more personal level, to hear their stories, their concerns, and hopes for the future; to act according to their needs.

Our size has also allowed us to work in areas where other charitable organizations may no longer operate–in areas where the need may not be as overwhelming statistically but is desperate individually. Small Kindness is about giving help immediately and regularly.

The idea behind our name is that you don’t need to make huge gestures, every small kindness is valued and can make a difference. It is more important to have something that is sustainable and consistent, so that beneficiaries can rely on this and build a future for themselves. And with the support we receive from the Yusuf Islam Foundation towards our administration costs, 100% of your donation goes to the needy.

With thanks,

Small Kindness Team